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Bonus start №3 [March, 24]


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Dear players! We are glad to welcome you at the opening of the Flauron.com project - Interlude x1! We opened the Interlude x1 server [in 1 window, with the nop2w concept, on 2 clients] on January 23rd and started with a great starting online of more than 1500+ people. In order to support this online, every month we organize bonus starts!

The first bonus start was on February 6 and gave a great influx of online!
The second bonus start was on March 6th and we got the "second opening" effect!

Now, after the completion of the second bonus start, it was decided not to delay the third bonus start!

The official date of the bonus start #3 is March 24 at 20:00 [UTC +3].
All benefits from the start bonus will be valid - 7 days after it starts! Therefore, new players can create characters from March 24, 20:00 [UTC +3] to March 31, 20:00 [UTC +3], inclusive.

What new players will get when creating a new character on March 24 after 20:00 [UTC+3]:
1. Newbie Rune Exp/SP/Adena +100% [24 Hours] 
* The rune only works when your character is online, the rune does not expire offline.
* At the end of the start bonus, the rune will be removed from All characters in exactly 24 hours.
2. Starting weapon for Mage and Warrior that cannot be traded or sold.image.png
3. SoulShot / SpiritShot pack of 6.000 and 3.000 respectively.
4. A set of buff scrolls of 5 pieces, respectively. image.png
5. Teleport to the Monster Derby Track from the starting locations for the bonus start time.

For more incentive, we have come up with an additional bonus for players who reach level 41:
- Namely, if you create a character in the period from March 24 to March 31, and reach level 41, you will receive bonus buff scrolls of 5 pieces, respectively. 

See you at the bonus start!
P.S. Everyone who started and decided to take a break - it's time to come back and catch up with the TOP levels of the server!

Sincerely, Flauron.com Administration

2cbc84597f87e4968cc4fa5e329fd433.thumb.png.b9318799d3a924f1742e1ec2dd209807.png image.thumb.png.1115af25ad089de57e69bedbd451237e.png

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