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[Interlude x3] Hot start already on July, 29


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We put off all the secrets for later, share the details here and now - the launch of the new Interlude x3 will take place on July 29th.

The Flauron team launched Interlude x1 half a year ago and showed what their level is in Lineage 2. On the server, the battles between the players continue, and they liked the initial types of concept objects, launched the game for use in the long term. But we do not stand still and decided to organize a server complex.

We paid attention to the requests of our precious players playing on a new server with easy gameplay and interesting convenient mechanics - that's why Interlude x3 starts on July 29th, bringing together all the most interesting changes.

Short list of Interlude x3 parts:

  • Stages. At the entrance from 1 to 3 stages of development, which limit only the maximum level and received Exp / SP;
  • A premium account and runes do not affect the gameplay due to the presence of stages and restrictions on the leveling speed. The innovation is made for the convenience of the players;
  • The game will be available on the server with the main window and 2 additional players for maximum comfort;
  • Olympiad from level 40 without the need for "Noble status".

The new Interlude x3 launches on July 29th - take courage to start your battle path to the server perspective 2023, where already the highest streamers and bloggers begin to conquer their peaks along with thousands of other players!

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