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Interlude x1 [NoP2W, NoDualbox, NoBOTS] - January, 23!


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The official opening of the server is on January, 23 at 20:00 [UTC +3]
Beta testing - January, 19 at 20:00 [UTC +3]

Full description of the Interlude x1 server

Interlude x1, highlights:

  • Mechanics of Interlude servers of the official server.
  • Advanced geoadata and geodesics that have no analogues on the market.
  • Two clients to enter the game world [Classic or Interlude] to choose from.
  • The concept of No P2W - no donation affecting the game.
  • The concept of No DUALBOX is only one playing window. 
  • Improved protection from third-party software. The bot will not work!
  • A non-annoying pop-up captcha to check your character.
  • No interference of the administration in the gameplay.
  • Classic Interlude x1, without annoying additions.
  • A long game, without purchased clans and streamers. Only the real audience!

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