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Opening of new Interlude x5


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New server from Flauron. This means that now is the time to prepare your future character.

Remember the summer opening? Locations filled with thousands of players, streams from famous bloggers - and all this in the hot summer.

Now it's time to warm up in winter not only with a cup of hot coffee or tea, but also with the new Interlude x5, which will be released on December 1 at 20:00 UTC+3. However, before this there will be an open beta test where you can try out the new server - it starts on November 24th.


We have collected brief information for you:

  • Interlude x5 version
  • Rates: Adena x2 | Drop/Poil: x2
  • Availability of a buffer. Buff levels and available buffs increase with character level.
  • Window limit: 2 main + 1 additional.

We will continue to throw firewood and add fuel to the fiery ribbon of our channel, so that you learn as much as possible about the server before launching. Follow the news and be on the same wavelength with those who are waiting for the launch of the new Interlude on December 1st!


Detailed description of the server

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